so, vacation was great!  i spent 5 days doing all sorts of delightful things like…

… not thinking about work (except for the 1 txt msg i sent janelle apologizing for forgetting to leave her my sam’s club card; and the 1 text msg i sent sussy about the folder in my cabinet)
… eating amazing thai food with my cousin and her grandma
… sleeping on the air mattress in my cousin’s apartment
… riding the metro (went through Union Station – twice!)
… enjoying jon troast’s music (thanks to luz!)
… re-reading one of my favorite books (a special vacation indulgence)
… spending 3 glorious days with my amazing best friend sitting and walking on the beach, talking for hours on end about anything and everything
… taking long walks alone early in the morning
… joined facebook
… saw Hairspray
… saw The Bourne Ultimatum (so. good.  i think it’s the best of the three.  i loved it!  saw it again today, actually)
… stayed up super late
… slept in till 10 and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the same day (it was glorious!)
… obtained some delightful books for dirt cheap at a library clearance sale
… ate greek food – twice
… walked around and had dessert in Old Town Pasadena (one of my favorite things to do there)
… got hooked on SET

it was a great time.

the bad news is that my camera (with which i’ve already had quite the trying ordeal) totally wigged on me the first day.  so unfortunately i only have the following pictures to share with you…

nicole and gram fixing dinner:

the back porch where we ate that night:

dinner!  (aforementioned thai dish – it was quite tasty!)

and this horribly blurry picture (taken with my cell phone) of the waiting area of Union Station.  i was just so thrilled to be there and see that waiting room – it’s where they filmed a couple episodes of Numb3rs!! 

and there you have it, folks.  it was a nice but far-too-short vacation.  nonetheless, i’m grateful for the time away before Fall (translate: the 4 most insane months of the year) hits!

in other news (and while we’re sort of on the topic of vacation…)… dad and i are [seriously] talking about hiking the grand canyon in the spring!  and mom and i are [seriously] talking about going to Great Britain next summer!


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