“if i ever get out of this elevator, i’m getting my eyes lasered.”

(props to whoever can identify that movie quote.)

well, i wasn’t stuck in an elevator, but i am getting my eyes lasered.  yes, i’m going under the laser on oct 11th. 

i feel slightly nervous, but i think that’s mostly because i think i’m supposed to feel nervous.  because in actuality… i’m not really nervous at all.  in fact, i’m quite excited!  after getting glasses at age 10 and then wearing contacts since age 12… the idea of no longer dealing with any vision problems whatsoever is absolutely incredible!  i’m so grateful to God for modern technology and medicine.  truly amazing what they can do these days. 

ok so i will confess, the concept of what they’re actually doing (the whole flap thing) creeps me out just a little bit.  but i’m quite confident that i can endure 30 minutes of slight creepiness for 20+ years of perfect vision.  šŸ™‚


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  1. in 20 years? You are 30+ now? ah i see … (haha! pun!) makes sense. I’ll probably have to wear glasses too when I’m 50+ (but that’s 30 years for me)

  2. Hahaha. Laser surgery, eh? I had a friend who had it done at 18 only to find at 23 he needed a touchup, which he got. While under the knife, he flinched and had a great red spot next to his iris on the white of his eye. We called him “Captain Red Eye” for weeks, lol. So….just be careful not to flinch! Other than that…enjoy your 20 years of glasses free vision, probably followed by what will be another 50 years after a touchup. :shrug: Medicine is so cool these days.

  3. You’ve Got Mail, yup.i was just telling David last night that i can’t wait until it’s sufficiently fall so i can watch that movie and be all autumny. “under the laser” – i laughed. you’re braver than i am… i still can’t reconcile the thought of it with myself.

  4. You’ve Got Mail! yessss….:) a family friend had his eyes lasered, we watched the video that apparently is up for sale afterwards. Totally hilarious. He compared the flap to a grape, then asked “what if before they put the grape skin back they stuck a grain of sand underneath, just for a joke?” we laugh to this day about that. šŸ™‚ Have fun!

  5. “What IS it with everyone breaking up right now?! There’s you…and me…and a friend of mine just broke up in an elevator. Or, outside…or just after or something like that. Why are you here again?””I wanted to be friends.””Oh.”Totally just watched that šŸ™‚

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