rules for eating a chili dog:

1.  the hotdog, bun, and chili are to be the only items on the plate.  sides and desserts come later.  if you can fit sides and a dessert on the plate, you don’t have enough chili.
2.  chili dogs are to be eaten with a fork and a knife.  if you can eat it with your hands, you don’t have enough chili.  (plus, chili dogs eaten with ones hands generally don’t bless those observing in the immediate vicinity.)
3.  chili dogs do not have to be eaten with ketchup, mustard, onions or relish.  these additional toppings are allowed, but are not required.  chili is enough.
4.  chili for chili dogs should not be the “vegetable” version.  meat and beans only.
5.  eating of a chili dog should involve using the whole plate.  once finished, discard plate for a new one and then begin on sides and dessert.  if, after consuming the chili dog, you find your self still hungry for sides and dessert, then you didn’t have enough chili. 

happy labor day!  hope all your chili dog dreams came true.


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  1. Thanks for the tips!  Having never eaten a chili dog I’ll try to bear these thoughts in mind when I have the opportunity to experience one for myself.  You’re always full of such helpful information!  Thanks!

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