i was driving to my english 101 class my freshman year of college.

where were you?


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  1. I was just waking up to hear crying coming from my parents room as my Mom watch the second tower go down.

  2. I was working in the jewelry studio of a fellow artist. I was also near an Air Force base, so I was one of the (relatively) few people in the country who still heard aircraft flying over all day. Every time we heard a plane, we wondered …

  3. Wow! Great idea, Andrea!
    I was at work, coordinating one of our first ever high school days at The Regent Academy. I took the first call anybody in the office got, but it didn’t make sense to me, so I didn’t think anything about it. then the news started pouring in and we gathered in the Chapel to pray with the high schoolers….and in the office…and at our desks.

  4. I was in London, England in Westminster Abby with my family and one of my best friends. A clergyman came up to my dad when he over heard him speaking with my mom and asked him if he was an American. He had a small wireless radio with him and had been listening to the news. My dad ran down to a nearby pub and saw the second plane hitting.It was incredibly surreal.**doffs her cap and vanishes**

  5. …. I was getting ready to go to MCC for French. We heard it on the radio and the family sat and watched… it’s hard to forget. Deb and I were scared driving into town because there were reports of more planes that were unaccounted for… do you remember that!?
    it is a good question Drea…

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