as a daughter, there are certain items that your mom has that you know you simply must have in your own home one day. for me, this item has always been my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook.


now, this cookbook definitely isn’t the hippest, newest thing out there. it certainly doesn’t adhere to all of the latest nutritional and health standards. but it has all the basics that a young girl needs – everything from how to create a lattice-top pie to the different cuts of beef and pork to all things Thanksgiving dinner. like i said – priceless.

don’t let the “new and revised edition” line fool you.  this book was published in 1983 (with photography straight out of 1978). now while this may not quite classify it as an antique, 1983 edition does however translate as “difficult to find at the drop of a hat when the time comes to own this invaluable book.”

but difficult is a walk in the park to my mom. see, my mom shops at this special store that is an utter treasure trove of goods. this store is called Savers. it is a thrift store. and there is simply no end to the amazing finds that my mom discovers there.

i’m sure you can see where this is going now.

yup. today, my mom found it. the book! absolutely brand new, never been used (the tab dividers were still in the back!), and all of $2.99! so being the fabulous mother that she is, and knowing of my deep longing to have this book (i’d resorted to informing her that i was just going to take hers with me when i got married), she bought the book on the spot and brought it home to me as a pwesent. and a very wonderful pwesent it was.

i think my life has been made. 🙂


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  1. Andrea,
    We have that SAME book in our house. I recognized the cover 🙂 I love it. It even has a section devoted to cheeses and their various pairings (they’ve got cheese down to a science in there- nice) In fact, we still have some very old looses pages that we have refused to throw away. I want something like that in my house someday too! I’ll leave my mom’s though because it’s falling apart 🙂

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