today is a very important day.

today is the last day i will be wearing contacts… probably forever.

or at least for the next 20+ years.

tomorrow i start a week of wearing glasses.

(which, as much as i dislike wearing my glasses for extended periods of time, it will probably be really good because i’m totally one of those people who likes wearing their glasses simply because they look cute and thus would also be one of those people who would seriously consider wearing glasses with non-prescription lenses – simply because they look cute.  so wearing my glasses for a week straight will hopefully make me sick of them and i won’t be as inclined to wear them purely for aesthetic reasons.  😉 )


3 thoughts on “

  1. umm…im definitely one of those people.the kind that would wear glasses with non-prescription lenses.although i would feel massively lame wearing glasses when i dont even need them…it would almost be worth it 🙂

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