yesterday, today and tomorrow

i had my pre-op appmt for my LASIK surgery yesterday!  and i officially hit the “ok i’m just a little bit freaked out now” point as i lay under the machine and they took pictures of my eyes.  the mongoose in my stomach started doing somersaults as i anticipated and envisioned laying underneath that machine in less than 48 hours while they surgically alter my vision.  yeah, a little freaky.

they also gave me these gooey yellow drops to apply to my eyes 3x/day until thursday morning.  i’m not really sure what they do.  the nice lady said they’re just like “tylenol for the eyes.”  ::shrug::  oh, ok. 

the other freaky part was reading over all the paperwork where you have to sign and indicate that you recognize all the risks and caviats associated with this procedure.  yikes!  i know they have to do that, but still…

i’m so ready to be done wearing glasses.  it wasn’t bad really, up until last night.  but now, i’m quite ready to go back to vision without something sliding down my nose every 2 minutes.  πŸ™‚

it happens!  i’m still excited, although a tad nervous… mostly just for the unknown.  i don’t know how long it will take my eyes to dilate.  i don’t know what it will feel like.  i don’t know how my eyes will see or feel or act when i get up off the operating table.  so it’s a little wierd.  but i’m still really excited!! 

and on a comical note – for five days after the surgery i get to wear these goggles to bed (to make sure i don’t rub or scratch my eyes in my sleep while the flap is healing)… and no mascara or eye makeup for five days either.  i found that to be a little annoying, but i suppose i can sacrifice my vanity for a few days in exchange for a couple-thousand dollar procedure to give me perfect vision for the next 25 years. 

yeah, don’t exactly want to mess that up!  hand me those goggles…

PS – my confidence in the accuracy of lasers was boosted slightly when i saw what a high intensity laser beam did to these EGGS:






let’s just hope my opthamologist isn’t feeling “artistic”!


5 thoughts on “yesterday, today and tomorrow

  1. Dear Andrea,
    Here’s hoping everything goes well tomorrow. 
    I really liked The Kingdom.  Although the plot was very standard, it seemed well done and helped me better understand the nature of some of the problems we face.  And even with the last line it was much more encouraging than Syriana.  What did you think? 
    The upcoming movie I’m most excited about is The Dark Knight – the teaser trailer hints at one of my greatest current perplexities: what do you do with people who can’t be reasoned with? 
    With wishes for your health and happiness, 

  2. … hope you are okay! i’ve had a bunch of friends that have had this done, so i’m sure you’ll be fine πŸ™‚ i hope…?scariest surgery for me that i could think of… it’s one’s EYES… scarier than my heart i think lol isn’t that silly??:)p.s. WOWOWOWOW! ONLY 3 WEEKS! HOOORAY! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)p.p.s. call me sometime tomorrow afternoon if you can i want to make “plans” for ally’s shower πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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