ok so several of you have requested to see the goggles mentioned here

well, here they are:

yeah.  i know.  that’s what i said, too.


i was supposed to sleep in them for 5 nights following the surgery.  the idea was to prevent me from unknowingly rubbing or scratching my eyes while i slept.

um… that lasted 2 nights.  and after waking up with circles under my eyes both mornings – i’m not sure if it was the goggle marks or the lame sleep i was getting BECAUSE of the goggles that created the circles – (and not to mention the minor break-out they caused on my forehead!), i decided that since i’m a rather still sleeper, the goggles were over.

and so far it hasn’t been a problem!  (and i’m sleeping much more comfortably too.)


7 thoughts on “goggle-eyed

  1. You definitely could pull off Amelia Earhart with those things! They are pretty much as you described them…wow…I can truly say I laughed out loud when I saw that picture.

  2. wow. you look like Willy Wonka.”ducky” is my little sister Emma :0) she’s two and very cute. her favorite thing to say is, “what happened?”

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