i have deleted my blogspot blog.  see, i do so love xanga.  very much.  but i wanted my mom and best friends to be able to comment on my blog, which i thought they couldn’t do with xanga.  however, [MUCH] thanks to the lovely and talented anna, i now know that switching to blogspot is not necessary!  you can comment on my xanga “anonymously” (even though you do have to enter your name and email address – which is not displayed).

:: and much wootage filled the land::


i did it.


it makes me rather sad. 

but i think it was time.

don’t worry – i won’t forget about you.  i will let you know whenever i post.  i promise! 

please don’t be mad at me?

and since i’m still quite attached to my beloved xanga, i am redecorating the site just to prove my love.  🙂


7 thoughts on “

  1. I *am* serious! I have no idea – above the comment text box, there’s an option to “choose identity” (sounds very… spy-movie-ish!), and you can either be a Xangan or an “Anonymous” person, in which case you must type in your name, email, and verification code (just like in Blogger).Of course, I have a blogger account so I can comment on other people’s sites, so I guess I can’t be too harsh on you 😉

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