so it’s been awhile…

i’m so sorry it’s been forever since i last posted. life has kept me
moving fast and i’ve chosen to do myriad other things besides post.
things like:

_talk to friends/family
_plan a wedding (not my own)
_put away laundry
_catch up on my finances

and other larger items such as
_going to maryland
_serve at a men’s conference
_attending to a costume party
_spending thanksgiving in tucson

to name a few.

that i have a working camera again i can share some of those “larger
items” with you through pictures! we’ll take it chronologically…

the costume party! sussy, ryan and the mackay girls hosted a costume
party on halloween. it was super fun and a lot of people had some great
costumes! i went as Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia.

and i – she’s a nurse, in case you couldn’t figure that out from the
scrubs and stethoscope around her neck. and yes, that is a box of
Turkish Delight in my hand. it’s actually not nearly as tasty as C.S.
Lewis made it sound…)

(L-R: christy and naomi as fairies, meghan as lauren reed from season 3 of alias, jen as a 50s girl, and me 🙂 )

erin as a pirate, sophia as a masked lady, aubrey as a pirate, kelly as
a hospital patient (her brother went as a doctor – it was really cute),
and margo as a pirate)

(Paz as The Man in Black heroically protecting me)

ok… one update done. more to follow! 🙂


5 thoughts on “so it’s been awhile…

  1. Great costumes! And I agree–Turkish delight is an inferior candy. The English write great novels but don’t excel in the kitchen.

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