ok, i’ll confess, i’ve just never been one to pick out the engagement ring before i even get a boyfriend.  mostly because styles – and my personal tastes – change over time and i’ve never really cared much.  plus i’ve never come across anything i really loved.

however, i have had general ideas in the back of my mind of what kind of rings i like.  i don’t really love the classic solitaire style.  yes, they’re very pretty and all, they’re just not me.  i do really like small, somewhat simple, and flat.  yes, flat.  i don’t like rings that stick up much.  ::shrug:: 

so tonight i was absentmindedly flipping through a jewelry catalog that had come with my cousin’s mail and i came across this:

this is by far the closest i have ever gotten to finding a ring i really really like.  of course, it isn’t exactly to my taste – i would eliminate all the diamonds in the band except maybe 5 tiny chips set in the band on each side.  and i also prefer yellow gold.  i think both modifications would make the center diamond stand out a lot more.  just my opinion. 

so there you have it.  a ring i actually think i would love to wear. 

but we’ll see what actually happens…  check back with me when i’m engaged and we’ll see what i have to say then…  😉

so i’m walking along the streets of new york and i glance down at a piece of trash on the sidewalk.  well that piece of trash happened to be a jewelry catalog and on the back page was a a ring i like WAY better:


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