so november has been a blurr… πŸ™‚

here’s the whirlwind update.

so the first wknd in november i went to maryland to visit my friend ally, who is getting married at the end of december. and because i’m terrible at remembering to take pictures, i only have this one of us and some friends at lunch at Potbelly’s:

(L-R: ryan tiren, casey somerville, me, ally bowden-soon-to-be-loftness)

on the flight home i was browsing they skymall magazine on the plane and came across a few… interesting items…

some weeks i could really use this!

are you KIDDING me?! for the love…

i’m sorry, but this is so wrong… i can’t believe they even MAKE these for adults…

my family went down to my aunt and uncle’s house in tucson for thanksgiving this year. it was very relaxing and fun!

here’s my aunt kathy and mom making delicious food in the kitchen, with my uncle being himself. πŸ™‚

my dad and uncle joe and cousin jonathan hanging keeping an eye on the turkey being fried outside!

aunt kathy eating olives the “kid” way.

me and the brother.

me and my friend victoria (who lives with my aunt and uncle)

my cousin timarie and her boyfriend ben (from covenant life in MD)

oh! and you remember this little guy from last christmas?

well the family that adopted him from tucson was out of town over thanksgiving so my aunt and uncle were dog-sitting him. πŸ™‚ his name is [now] Franklin and he and i got along quite well. he looks a bit different now… he actually looks a lot like my old dog BG, which was rather sentimental.

i drove down to tucson on thursday morning, and while my brother went back thursday night, my parents went back friday, i drove home on saturday afternoon.


and this:

made for a delightful drive home.

oh yeah, and somewhere in all that was a regional men’s conference that we (the office girls and i) worked. it was a blast and a blurr. 2 starbucks runs a day, 3 days, 4 breakout sessions, 5 main sessions, 6 pink track jackets, 75 pizzas, 800 men, 9 radios (with earbuds – yeah buddy!), thousands of dollars in bookstore sales, less-than-ideal amounts of sleep (but somehow it was enough – God was so faithful), and lives forever changed. it was awesome.

and that’s some (most?) of november.

the end.


2 thoughts on “

  1. on “footies” (pj’s with feet) for adults: I have a friend who has these. in red & with the button bottom flap & all. i agree, it’s so wrong.

  2. Wow, that was a crazy crazy fun crazy month! I just have to say, you have such a beautiful family (yourself included!) I’m glad you got to see them all for Thanksgiving. We really are going to have to redeem my one In-&-Out experience next time I’m down there, we didn’t manage to go this last time. Happy December!

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