changing tastes

as a kid, i never liked it when it rained.  in my world rain was a hindrance.  it meant i couldn’t play outside, or we didn’t get to go to P.E. class, or something fun was cancelled.  besides, clouds and rain and overcast skies were so gloomy.  the sun was my friend.  the rain was not. 

not so much anymore…  i’ve come to really enjoy it when it rains.  although i think what i enjoy more often than not are the associations and things that come along with the rain.  like the cozy feeling it brings.  or the clearness of the skies afterwards.  or that it’s just a fun and exciting change of pace.  it’s still a tad inconvenient at times (the 5 days out of the year that it rains here seem to always fall on major outdoor events that we’ve had to cancel or completely revamp.  it’s gotten almost comical), but for the most part – it’s really fun.  🙂

i’m also not generally a huge fan of soup.   i love rolls, though and they make almost any soup tolerable. 

however there is one soup that i just LOVE.  my mom makes cauliflower-cheese soup from The Moosewood Cookbook that is amazing.  it’s all creamy and blended and a perfect light fall orange color.  toss in some  sauteed cauliflower heads and it’s a fabulous rainy day meal.  Mmmm.


2 thoughts on “changing tastes

  1. I’m really amazed that, not liking soup, you do actually like one that is made from that horrid vegetable! ;-p  but then, I like mushroom soup, and I know how you feel about that.

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