it’s always been fun to walk through costco or sam’s club and try the various samples they offer.  the cute little old ladies with their hairnets and plastic gloves, carefully heating or slicing or dishing up bite-sized items for you to snack on in hopes that you might buy them (does it really work?  it never worked on my family…).

but it always seemed a little strange to me to look over and see them slicing and serving… oranges.

what’s with that?


3 thoughts on “samples

  1. oh man… I used to LOVE going to Price Club (still call it that ) with my mom (homeschooling!!) and get all the samples… did you ever go around to find out when the ones you wanted would be ready? (invariably, the best ones were the ones they had to cook for FOREVER in their toaster ovens) Then try to hit them all at just the right time so you would get one of each? =) but I tell ya! there were always those people who would cut in line, or would get like 5 of them … leaving you out of luck.
    alas… those were the sad times.
    oranges? weird!

  2. Here’s a little known fact about me: In high school I got paid to be one of those people for M&Ms & I got to wear this GIANT M&M costume–I tried to find a picture of one online but couldn’t. This is the closest thing I could find, but I was the yellow peanut one & it covered my head & was inflated by a little built in fan. It was probably like 7 feet tall. My shoes were also twice the size of this kids. So there you go.

  3. Going to Costco to try the samples was my twice a week ritual with Emma. It started on a whim and became our special thing to do :0)Actually, it DOES work! A few months ago I sampled their potato salad. I am a major potato salad snob. And I actually liked theirs. So I bought it, and several more since. We brought it to every picnic (someone even stole it from one picnic!) and we usually have it in the fridge. Although we are taking a long time to finish this one, so I probably won’t buy it again for quite awhile. But I did buy several over the last few months. And yesterday I bought some yummy, yummy belgian chocolates that were too expensive. I certainly wouldn’t have even considered them if I hadn’t tried them first. I have a new policy of “only the best” (why waste calories on mediocre stuff?) and these qualify!

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