my lunch

so i had lunch at in-n-out burger today. 

one thing i think is fun about in-n-out is how the people that it draws are from all across the spectrum.

there’s the business man in his suit apparently having a “business” lunch with an associate of sorts.  at in-n-out.  yeah.

there’s the lower income family with kids relishing their burgers and downing their milkshakes.

there’s the lady who looked like she drove down from north scottsdale – complete with brown velour work-out suit, large blonde hair, very pronounced and slightly overdone make-up, and a serious tan… esp for december. 

there’s the high school punk boys laughing and just burning daylight.

there’s the cute elderly couple taking their time eating their burgers and sharing their fries.

and then there’s the two girls from a church office catching up with an old friend from out of town.

that was my lunch experience today. 


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