sickety sickety

it happened.  i was actually surprised it didn’t happen early.  surprised and yet very grateful!  if it had happened any earlier than this week, it could have been disastrous!  God is so kind in his timing, is he not?

oh sorry – what happened you ask?  i got sick.  am sick.  low fever.  enough to make me stay home from work. 

but on a happier note – we had our annual tfs christmas banquet sunday night!  here are some pictures!

my table: (clockwise starting with me: uh me, janelle wieler, zach geesling, brittany hoyt, raigan palmer, jake geesling, christy smith, david barr, jonathon sawyer)

me and corny (probably my favorite pic from the evening)

this is my lovely caregroup leader’s wife, erin

me and raigan (the bestest!)

my deary kierstyn and i

me and tara, our singles’ pastor’s wife

it was a beautiful night and a lot of fun!!!

the highlight of the evening was when todd – my caregroup leader – got up and honored our caregroup with a song, “The 12 Blessed Virtues the Spencer Caregroup Brings” accompanied by his newly-acquired ukelele and sung in a full-blown falsetto voice.  it was hilarious.  yep, that’s my caregroup leader!  🙂


4 thoughts on “sickety sickety

  1. I agree you look beautiful.
    And on the sickness thing, I’m right there with you.  I finally got sick enough to where I’m having to stay home to rest.

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