new york city!

i’m here blogging from brooklyn heights, NY!  i left phx around 10:00am and arrived at JFK international airport shortly after 4pm EST (about 35 minutes earlier than scheduled – woot!)  i took the airtrain from the airport terminal to the nyc subway and then “sub’ed” all the way into the brooklyn heights, where bethany met me.  we walked a few short blocks and arrived at their cozy little apartment!  it looks just like she said.  🙂

i can’t even begin to describe the joy i feel at being able to look across the room and see her face… or to hear her voice in real life… or grin at the way her nose crinkles when she laughs…  it’s so good to see her again.  oh yeah, and it’s good to see keith again too.  🙂  i love the way that keith is bethany’s perfect mate.  it’s really beautiful. 

i will strive to remember to take pictures and update more as the weekend goes by.  until then, here are a few random thoughts on my trip:

…ok for as long as i can remember, smoking has been prohibited in all airplane lavatories.  right?  so can someone please explain to me why there was an ashtray in the bathroom on my airplane?  there was also an electrical outlet in there too.  i’m so confused…

…while standing at my first subway station waiting to get on the A line and head into manhattan, the air smelled like a donut fryer.  and then it suddenly smelled like pei wei.  odd.  and neither smell were a particular blessing since i was quite hungry, having not eaten anything since the 1/2 bagel i consumed on the way to the airport 7 hours prior.  speaking of being hungry…

… since when did cross-country direct flights stop giving out decent food?  maybe it’s just an airline thing.  they had $7 meals available for purchase and complimentary packages of mini pretzels (if you can actually call that a package).  it was quite disappointing.  as if i needed another reason to stay loyal to southwest airlines.  seriously.

…it gets dark in the northeast much earlier than it does in arizona! waiting at the airtrain platform i was shocked to see that it was completely dark outside!  and it was only 4:55pm! 

… i still far prefer the DC metro to the NY subway.  it’s cleaner and more comfortable and much easier to understand.

… the airport in phoenix claims to be “international” and while that may be technically true, it is nothing compared to JFK.  it seemed like nearly every time someone around me would open their mouth, they uttered words i didn’t understand.  i’m quite sure i heard german, spanish, some sort of eastern european language (czech? romanian?), and several accents to boot.  very cool.

alrighty, i’m off to look at bethany’s most recently acquired baby items!  🙂


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