first full day

today was delightful!  it wasn’t very cold at all – i actually didn’t wear my heavy coat for most of the day. 

we all slept in until about 9:30 and then took our sweet time eating breakfast and getting ready. 

bethany and i decided to take the subway into lower manhattan and go down to seaport village. 

(on the map above… if you start at the flag and move down and to the right, seaport village is on the water just below where the green and gold lines cross)

my family visited seaport village last time we were here (july of 06) and it was one of my favorite places to go.  and surprisingly, bethany had never been down there!  so down we went.  one of my favorite things down at seaport is the dock – and the boats-ships! that are docked there.  they look rather old fashioned with their tall masts and lots of lines. 

here’s bethany and i are the dock:

this is the view of brooklyn from the seaport dock:

the brooklyn bridge!  (with the manhattan bridge just beyond it)

and of course, most things in new york remind me of scenes, lines, or locations in Newsies (my favorite movie of all time).
david: “i’ve never been to brooklyn.”
boots: “i spent a month there one night.”
jack: chuckle

we also went into this rad bookstore called Strand.

it reminded me a lot of Powell’s bookstore in downtown Portland.  and it was particularly fun to go browsing with Bethany – very reminiscent of our trip to Powell’s together back in May of 05.  to commemorate, we both bought Strand book bags.

according to bethany, carrying a Strand bag is sort of a status symbol here in new york.  it apparently announces to the world “hey!  i read lots of books from independent book stores in cool cities!”  which i don’t.  but whatever.  🙂

a couple thoughts from the bookstore:
– the children’s section has always been my favorite section of any bookstore.  i love perusing the titles and smiling at the books i remember reading as a child.  or even ones that i discovered as an adult and love anyway.  like Olivia the pig.  Oooo-livia!
– i find it rather disturbing how the “art section” of so many stores has become just an excuse to display very inappropriate and provocative images.  the cover of nearly every book on the “art” table had some form of inappropriate picture.  since when has art been synonymous with THAT?

i found myself changing the way i walked and took in the streets and people because i was with my pregnant friend.  i always wanted to walk in front of her, as if to clear the way or protect her precious not-so-little tummy; or walk slower so she wouldn’t get tired out too quickly.  i think my own maternal instincts were kicking in.  haha!

well bethany is in the kitchen (about 8 feet from where i’m sitting) preparing some amazing sausage and pasta dish for dinner.  i’m going to see what i can do to help.

and i think we’re going to watch Sabrina (the new one) later on! 

good night from The Big Apple! 


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