confession: i like kids music.

some kids music i like because it’s reminiscent of my childhood.  the words and fills come rushing back and i can sing (and in some cases – dance) along as if it were yesterday…

but some kids music i really like because it’s exactly what my soul needs.

recently i’ve been listening to Awesome God,
the children’s cd that Sovereign Grace Ministries produced a couple years ago, as well as Treasure the Word: Ephesians, the scripture memory verse song album that our church put out last month.

both cds have been a particular blessing to me over the last couple months.  i think it’s because the truths that are being sung are either 1) direct scripture or 2) simple yet profound truths about God’s character that have important ramifications for my life and that i desperately need to be reminded of again. 

today i’m thankful for kids music. 


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  1. a-HA! I finally found this post. I was seeing if you had a link to the ephesians CD bc i can’t find it online…they must be taking their time on that one for some good reason…i want to send a link to my friend. Ah well. But if you know about it. Send it to me, eh?? Ok goodnight…hope you enjoyed all my footprints of me looking for this cd. It was kinda fun to see your life on fast forward….lots of fun memories πŸ™‚

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