part of my job at the church involves the production of the bulletin each week.  checking the calendar for upcoming events, crafting announcement text, consulting with our administrator, printing the sheets, having them chopped, running them through the folding machine, and leaving them downstairs for greeting team to distribute. 

it’s a fairly routine part of the job.

well, being the flawed individual that i am, sometimes, even after getting a 2nd set of eyes on the announcements, typos still slip through. 

like this sunday.

the announcement for our next new member’s class – which is called Starting Point – ended up like this:
New Members Class
: Are you interested in learning more about Sovereign Grace Church?  Please join us for our 10-week “Staring Point” class that will help you understand more about who we are, what we believe, and how God has called us to walk out our mission.  It begins next Sunday, January 27th, and meets from 8:30-9:30am on Sunday mornings.  For more information, or to sign up for the class, please visit the information center in the foyer after the meeting.

now, besides the fact that next Sunday is the 20th and not the 27th, the very title of the class gives it a whole new meaning! 

in honor of this typo, the lovely and talented luz crafted a flyer for this special class —


i about died laughing.


8 thoughts on “typo

  1. Nice. I hate doing the bulletins. . .The worst was last week when I emailed the announcements to Trey who was giving them, found a mistake in the dates, changed them, printed and didn’t tell Trey. So he announced the Guest Luncheon as happening that day instead of the next Sunday, with shouts from Lynn correcting him. Getting the evil eye from the pulpit is no fun.

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