flip, flip

my dad read this exerpt to us on Monday night.  It encouraged me greatly.

“Have you ever been to the optician to get your eyes checked?  You
press your face up to a device that allows the doctor to flip through
what feels like three hundred lenses.  Of course, your sight may not be
as bad as mine.  As he flips from one lens to the next, your sight gets
sharper bit by bit.  I think this is what God does in our lives.  Like
an expert optician, he flips the eyes of our faith through the exact
combination of circumstances – one lens after another – necessary for
gradually sharpening our spiritual sight.  With each passing
circumstance, with each flip of the lens, we learn to rely on him a bit
more  ‘Can you learn to display my sufficiency and my glory with this
circumstance in your life?  or without that one?’  One lens, and then
another.  ‘Will you display my glory to my creation even if I take that
thing you love away from you?  or if I never give you this other thing
that you desire?’  Flip, flip.  ‘What if I ask you to go through these
difficulties?’  And on and on, each flip sharpening the eyes of faith a
bit more.  That is the call he gives us, and how he works out our


4 thoughts on “flip, flip

  1. that’s really good. reminds me that God is tailoring circumstances for my good. And he is training and disciplining me so I become more like him – which is my greatest good and joy.
    Although, I can’t relate to vision becoming more clear with each flip  Was just at the Dr and the first one was the best :-/ Although you probably have that experience now too, right? 🙂

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