charlie bit me!

oh my gosh, this made me laugh SO hard. i watched it 3 times and laughed out loud every time. and then today, i was at a physical therapy appmt for some jaw issues i’ve been having and of course, as soon as the PT puts her finger in my mouth (she was massaging some of the muscles in my mouth), all i could think of was “ouch, charlie!” and i started laughing.

and of course, i had to share it with you all (make sure you watch it at least twice to watch both boys’ facial expressions!):


4 thoughts on “charlie bit me!

  1. Seeing the PT for TMJ I presume?  I did that a couple of months ago.  My PT was hilarious, if I see him again I’ll be sure to share this with him, he’d get a kick out of it.

  2. This is raw. This is honest. We kids truly have our moments. I like it how Charlie’s brother decided to rub it in to make his baby brother feel bad. Yeah, good luck Charlie’s bro. Charlie really gives a care.

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