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_ so my mom and i booked our plane tickets to London yesterday!! woo-hoo!!! our itinerary will be as follows:
Thursday, June 26th – depart Phx at 10:15pm, arrive at JFK (NY) at 5:58am
depart JFK at 8:45am and arrive at London Heathrow airport at 8:35pm

Sunday, July 6th – depart London Heathrow at 10:45am and arrive at JFK (NY) at 12:55pm
depart JFK at 5:50pm and arrive back in Phoenix at 8:47pm

as for all the days in between the flying… that has yet to be completely determined. but we are currently hoping to spend a day in Oxford, 2 days in Wales, a day in Paris and the rest in London (with potential for a jaunt down to Dover).

i seriously can’t wait!

in other news… so i’ve discovered a minor drawback of having lasik surgery. now that i no longer have contact lenses “protecting” my eyeballs, the “fumes” that arise when i chop an onion have quite the waterfall affect on my eyes. it’s hilarious because i’m completely not used to being affected by onions at all (since i’ve worn contacts for the last 13 years)! random discovery from the evening…


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  1. you are going to europe?!! nice (well, the all day flight there doesn’t sound like too much fun) oh man … I totally want to go back… have a crepe in Paris for me

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