keepin’ it real…

(site redo! hurrah! i know, it was about time i moved on from the christmas theme…)

so last night and today it rained! yay!

when it rains, the african sumac tree in our front yard sheds thousands of its little yellow pre-leaf-flowers all over my car (which is parked in the driveway directly underneath part of the tree). actually, let me rephrase that. it sheds thousands of its little yellow pre-leaf-flowers all over my car every day. but when it rains, the little yellow pre-leaf-flowers stick to my car and don’t blow off when i drive.

and this morning was no exception, of course.

so there are little yellow pre-leaf-flowers clumped all over the hood, roof and trunk of my car… and tucked down in between the windshield and the hood… and gunked along the sides of my windshield where the wipers had swept them… and stuck down in the window cavity… and sprinkled across the side windows… yeah, you get the point. they were everywhere.

so i’m running an errand for work and i think to myself, “these things are really annoying. i’m going to have to hose them all off when i get home tonight…”

and then, as i glanced around at the cars around me at the stoplight, i found myself growing oddly self-conscious about how my car looked. i actually had this thought: “no one else has yellow stuff gunked all over their car…” HAHA ridiculous, i know. i caught myself and laughed as i thought, “andrea that is so stupid. for the love. get over yourself.”

so i pull into the fedex/kinkos and this guy who had pulled in behind me and walked into the store ahead of me turns and says, “um, what is that all over your car? is that from a tree or something?”

i chuckled as i explained it to him… and laughed really hard when i got back into the car.

whenever my brother or i would get all self-conscious about stupid stuff, my dad would always say, “oh please. i’ll give you $20 for every person who walks up to you and says something about it…” i wish he had promised me that $20 this time – because someone actually DID say something!

ah, it made me laugh.


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