so, two saturdays ago (the 16th) a small group of us went hiking out at Superstition Springs. we hiked a trail called “Siphon Draw”, about 3 miles roundtrip, about 1/2 of which was going UP (big steps, using your hands to pull yourself up over boulders, etc). this trail has many fond memories for me, as i hiked it several times in high school with friends. and it was pretty much exactly as i remember it.

here are some pictures:

at the start, roughly 7:30am –
(L-R: david, brian, sophia, dan (back), mandy, me, kierstyn, naomi)
as you can see – mandy is still asleep. πŸ˜‰

Siphon Draw runs right where the two mountains come together to form a sort of valley:

it was all shrouded in mist and fog from the rain the two days prior. we couldn’t even see the top as we climbed!

this was toward the beginning of the hike – the trail portion that leads in between the mountains: (yes, that’s me in the green shirt waaay in the back. i tell you what, i’m a total wuss heading up, but i booked it coming down…)


and climbing…

we came across this cactus that had been knocked over and split open in the storm the previous day.

knowing that cacti survive in the desert by retaining lots of water, we were intrigued by the insides of the cactus and… well… decided to taste it…

me, kierstyn, naomi:

so the higher we went, the shroud began to actually envelope us, and the “view” became less and less visible…
(i have no idea what i’m doing here – but feel free to suggest a caption!)

and boulders started literally “appearing” out of the sky. it was awesome!

we enjoyed sandwiches and pringles at the top.

this was the view from the top – no joke. it was WHITE everywhere you looked. you could barely see even 50 feet ahead of you. so crazy!

things cleared up as we descended…

we finished up around 3:30pm…

and around 9:30am the next morning we were all comparing notes at church about who was the most sore. i think naomi won…

(special thanks to naomi, sophia and kierstyn for the pictures!)


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