march 14

i’m affectionately calling march 14 “chipmunk day.”


because on march 14th i will look like this:

“i’m so glad i[‘ll be] unconscious for all of this.” — Emperor’s New Groove


4 thoughts on “march 14

  1. Getting your wisdom teeth out is like the best thing ever… you get to lay in bed or on the couch watching movies all day, and consume nothing but an endless amount of strawberry milkshakes, since you can’t chew. I’m so jealous!

  2. nice
    hope it goes well and have a pain-free recovery!
    @carriedaukas – yes, you can watch movies all day (that’s what I did) but I really couldn’t concentrate well on them and barely remember them but I think I really amused my friends who came over to watch them with me

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