life according to my cell phone…

i’m usually not very good about taking pictures when i go on a trip, or when i’m at a party, or an event. if i happen to remember to even bring my camera, i typically forget to pull it out and actually use it.

my cell phone, on the other hand, is pretty much ALWAYS with me. so when fun/funny/random/crazy things happen, i often pull out my phone and snap a picture.

so here is a pictoral update of some random fun things that have been going on in my life lately…

i got a new license plate! 

‘girlscout’ is a nickname/”agent call sign” that was given to me a couple years ago.

last caregroup
… i made a peanut-butter-chocolate trifle (how DO you pronounce that anyway?)

it tasted SO good!  and yesterday i tried a variation on the recipe and made a chocolate-raspberry trifle.  i want to try a chocolate-mint version next!

speaking of food…

after church on sunday
a bunch of us went to Joe’s Real BBQ for lunch after church.  conrad got a “baker” and added a few toppings…

i was in such shock that someone would actually want THAT many pickles on their….baked potato… i just had to take a picture! 

last Friday
we had our monthly singles meeting. it was our caregroup’s turn to
bring the after-meeting food. we chose nachos! so i arrived early to the
meeting with a crockpot full of 4lbs of taco meat – YUM! however, the
yumminess didn’t last long… as i lifted the crockpot out of the car,
the cord got caught underneath the seat. as i turned away, crockpot in
hand, the cord stuck, jerking the crockpot, which sent the inner pot
right onto the church parking lot. it shattered and pieces of pottery
and taco meat were mashed together in a nice pile…

::sigh:: it was tragic. fortunately, my car managed to escape the shloppy mess with only this:

the whole thing was actually pretty darn hilarious. i had a great laugh over it!

last saturday
i coordinated another wedding. 3rd wedding in 3 months and i have another one next month! ah, it’s so much fun – i just LOVE it! every wedding i do, i learn something new and try to implement it the next time around. so at THIS wedding i wisely used walkie-talkies (with ear feeds of course,) to communicate with the sound guy and the videographer. WHAT a difference. here’s me with my “wire” (yet another outlet for my spy fetish):

last Wednesday
i babysat this adorable little boy:

speaking of kids, last wednesday was our church’s first Moms2Moms group.  i got this shot when i popped my head into the 2 1/2 – 4 yr olds childcare class:

aren’t they so cute all clustered around Kierstyn as she reads them a story.

last tuesday
i got a new pair of shoes!  red shoes are the new accessory and i decided a couple weeks ago that i should like to have some.    i found some uber cute American Eagle ones at Payless:

(please show some restraint in your comments about the blinding whiteness of my legs…  )

spring is almost here – which means trader joe’s is selling bunches of
daffodils for $1.29.  they’re so pretty and spring-ish when they all open up – and
mine opened today!  aren’t they beautiful?

a few random snapshots from my life…  thanks for tuning in!


12 thoughts on “life according to my cell phone…

  1. Wow… at first I thought that taco meat was puke, and then thought “why would Andrea take a picture of puke and then post it on her blog?” I’ve been around little boys for too long ;~) Speaking of which, I love that in the nursery, Toby is off in the corner with a toy! At least it’s a manly toy… they told me he played with the kitchen the whole time. I’m glad he has cool baby-sitters like you to toughen him up! :~) Also, I meant to tell you, I noticed your way-cute shoes when we were shopping and, like a jerk, kept forgetting to say something! And your daffodils are very pretty, your license plate is very cool, your trifle (“try-full”) looks very yummy, your wire is very spyish, Conrad’s food choice is very disgusting, and my baby boy is very cute (had to end with that, of course!) There. I think that was the longest comment ever!

  2. i love this “life by picture” post. very fun. oh, and the flowers are one of my favorite parts about trader joes. i always stop to look. i think everything in life is a little bit brighter with fresh flowers nearby 😉 someday when i grow up, i will get in the habit of keeping fresh flowers around.

  3. xanga ate my comment
    Great update! Very informative. Cell phone cameras are such a good thing! And I like the title on this post. Sometimes I can’t remember what I’ve done the previous week, so I examine my call history, txts, and phone reminders to piece together what I’ve done
    And that trifle looks amazing! those are some of my favorite desserts (argg… now I’m hungry again :-/) and as far as how you say it, I’m not sure, I always pronounce it as if I were saying “it was just a small trifle”
    No comment about the shoes picture

  4. There’s a great Friends episode where Rachel makes a trifle. That’s the only time I’ve heard it pronounced, but even if I hadn’t I would have gone for “tri” as in “tricycle” and “fle” as in “waffle”. How hard could it be to pronounce if it has anything to do with waffles?

  5. LOVE the daffodillys. I need to pick some up methinks. My new second-favorite flower! :g: (daises, of all varieties, are still tops, though. :)(and great license plate too. I picked one out and ordered it last week, yay! and yay for babysitting, and *cute* shoes, and trifles, and :p to pickles. I think that covers most of your post. 😉

  6. thanks for the flowers, babe. they were all blossomy goodness today and made me feel happy. hooray for red shoes! we could have a club!and yeah, it looks like you yarfed all over the parking lot. 🙂

  7. yeah that crockpot pic is disgusting… I was like what the heck? Than I read your comments, helpful, but still gross Love seeing you as “wedding coordinator” you do a great job!

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