tomorrow! tomorrow!

tomorrow is Chipmunk Day!  6:15am, baby!

several people have asked me if i’m nervous.  the answer i’ve been giving is “nope.  just a little curious.” 

i’m curious to see how my body reacts to the anesthesia (they’ll be putting me completely under since they’re taking all 4 teeth out and at least 3 of them are completely impacted).

i’m curious to see how my face reacts to the surgery and how puffy and painful my mouth will be. 

i’m curious to see if i’ll be conscious enough on Friday and Saturday to watch movies and read all day.   

well – we’ll see!

i would LIKE to sleep tomorrow away and let friday, March 14th, 2008 slip into oblivion as the day i don’t really remember.  at all

so if you are thinking of visiting tomorrow, text me first to see if i’m conscious. 

movie rental gift certificates and ice cream are acceptable get-well-soon gifts.  so are balloons and flowers.  do not bring steak or chips. 

ok in all seriousness – i’d definitely appreciate your prayers.  while i’m not worried, i still want to be prayerful and dependent on grace through all of this.  i trust God for whatever happens in the next week – and keep praying. 

see ya on the other side! 


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