happy Chipmunk Day!

so the surgery went very well.  i went back and they started the IV to put me under.  i remember the dr saying, this will make you smile.  and the next thing i remember was waking up in a different room, in a different bed, laying on my side with a mouth full of gauze.  unbelievable.  seriously, it’s so crazy.

i’ve slept most of the day, consuming a few spoonsfuls of a Wendy’s frosty between taking pain meds and peniccilin (to prevent infection). 

i never knew it could hurt so much to swallow.  seriously – that has been what hurts the most.  the muscles that run from the sides of my face and down my neck ache a lot every time i swallow.  not my favorite part. 

but things are already improving.  i’ve been quite lucid all day (except for when i’m sleeping). 

the swelling isn’t huge right now – at least i don’t think it is – but y’all can be the judge:
Photo 64

i’ve heard it increases the 2nd day, so we’ll see.

thanks for your prayers!  i’m off the finish my frosty and watch a movie!


2 thoughts on “update

  1. I hated that surgery because it was the kind that hurts, but not enough to feel like you’re really hurt, but bad enough to make you miserable. So strange. My swelling was worst on the first day and then I healed quickly, but I used the painkillers until about a week after.

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