back at work…

so i’m back at work – and still a bit chipmunk-y, as you can see:

as one of my friends put it “awww, you look like an oval!

today actually feels like my sorest day yet.  i woke up acutely aware of how sore my jaw felt.  ibuprofen, here we come!

and while i definitely don’t mind having a legitimate reason to live on mashed potatos and ice cream, i’m eager to have my face back… 


2 thoughts on “back at work…

  1. I have to confess that I laughed out loud at the “look like an oval” line. 🙂 I assume that you were referring to North and South in your movie question. I thought it was good. A bit different, but good. It’s an Elisabeth Gaskill book (she did Wives and Daughters too if you are familiar with that one) so it’s not quite the same as a Jane Austen though definitely in that genre. I really like it. It is very much about contrasting the differences in classes of people in England at that time, and the way that the industrial revolution influenced things and factory workers verses bosses, and the start of unions and such. So it is a big more…gritty…than most Jane Austens, but it deals with a broader range of life I think. I think you would like it. *Praying for your face to come back soon* 😉 ❤

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