it’s Easter and it’s 85 degrees out – i’d say this qualifies as SPRING! YAY!

so i did some Spring Cleaning in my room. first – the shoes. the bottom of my closet used to look like this:

notice the shoes double-stacked and turned sideways and shoved in the corner.

but then my dad built this rad shoe-shelf which fits MUCH better and fills the whole width of my closet floor:
(because my dad can build just about anything – esp if one of our neighbors helps him. 😉 )

and the finished product! ta-da!!
aaaahhhh. so neat and orderly. gotta love it.

i had no idea i had so many shoes!  my whole life i’ve never been a “shoe” person, at least not in the way most girls typically are.  i guess i was wrong?  my mom has taken to calling me Imelda Marcos

i also did The Great Change-Out. this event happens twice a year, when i pull out all the summer-y clothes and pack away all the sweaters and pants and puffer vests and scarfs… it’s SO fun!  the best thing about The Great Change-Out is that it’s a great cure for that “shopping bug” i was staring to get itchy with because it’s like getting a whole new wardrobe without spending any money! hurrah!


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