out of the mouths of children…

so i’m bbsitting tonight.  i find spending time with children almost therapeutic.  being silly and having fun and laughing at anything and everything and finding delight in the little things…  ::sigh::  so good.

quotes from the evening:
me – “hey trevor, are you digging in the sand?”
trevor – “yes, i are!”

while i make a sand castle…
taylor – “hey look!  i’ll make the milk carton to protect the castle!”
me – “milk carton?  you mean… the moat?”
(no idea how she got milk carton….)

i also love it when i learn from kids.  you may remember this little interaction and how God used it to remind me of His power and sovereignty and it built my faith.

recently i was humbled by the Godly example of an 11 year old.  we were at church after an event and she and her friend were playing in the auditorium.  this particular 11 year old is very slight and her friend was lifting her up and swinging her around.  well, the friend accidentally dropped her and she hit her head, splitting the skin and began bleeding profusely (as most head wounds do, no matter how small).

the poor injured girl ran into the bathroom, at which point i followed, having discovered the situation.  she was crying and a little panicky about the blood running down her head.  but as she clung to me, tears streaming down her face, she paused and said to one of her other friends, “can you go find <friend who dropped her> and let her know i’m ok and that it wasn’t her fault?  i don’t want her to feel bad.” 

what 11 year old does that?!  i was so humbled and amazed at the unselfishness that this young girl displayed, smack in the middle of one of the most difficult times to be unselfish – when you are in pain.  i was blown away by her example and so encouraged at the grace of God at work in her life!


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