a little slow sometimes…

so a friend of mine recommended that i check out the tv show The Pretender.  said i’d love it.  i thought “hey that sounds good – i’ll try it!”  it’s fun to have a show that you’re “in to.”  and while Numb3rs is still my favorite, i was eager to get into a show that was more chronological. 

so i started looking around for The Pretender.  i was hoping to find it available to rent somewhere nearby.  no such luck.  then i thought “well, if i could find season 1 really cheap, for like, $10 or $15, i might be persuaded to just buy it.”  no such luck there either.  ::sigh::

which left me thinking, “man… i wish i could just rent or borrow it from somewhere – but for FREE.” 

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why they invented… libraries

yeeeeah.  i’m a little slow sometimes… 


6 thoughts on “a little slow sometimes…

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Greetings from Denver, Pretender was one of my favorite shows especially the first season, but like all things, it got pretty warped towards the end and just ended.  No real closure, so it left me bummed.

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