there’s a first time for everything…

yesterday, for the first time, i locked my keys in my car.  yeup.

i pulled into a parking space in the Fry’s parking lot, turned my car off, and then sat there and sent a couple text messages.  i didn’t even realize that i had set my keys on the seat and not in my purse.  i grabbed my purse and hopped out of the car, manually locking all the doors as i got out (like i usually do). 

it wasn’t until i walked up to the self check-out stand and reached for my keys to scan my member card that i realized they weren’t there.  oops.

so i called my mom, finished checking out, and then walked out to my car.  yep, there they were, right on the seat where i’d left them.  i had to laugh.  so i sat on the trunk of my car enjoying the sun and warmth until mom could bring me my keys. 

first time in eight years of driving.  not a bad record i guess. 

i also made lemon pound cake for the first time yesterday, but that doesn’t seem quite as momentous…


5 thoughts on “there’s a first time for everything…

  1. 8 years is pretty good.  I’ve done it twice.  Once w/ the car running (thankfully it was just around the corner at the mailbox) and once in the church parking lot with Keegan locked inside too.  Talk about scary and feeling REALLY bad…

  2. Yes, Jessi came to the Texas camp & staffed for us the last 2 summers. Nathan was brand new but also staffed that last 2 summers. Brooke was in my small group in WA when you & I staffed together! And Nick is from AZ. I think he came as a student. He’s staffed a few times.

  3. The last time I lock my keys in the car it was about 25 degrees out, and it was actually the spare set, because I had lost the others the week before.  Mom and I struggled with a wire hanger for a  while, and a homeless lady came by and tried to help, too.  When the three of us failed to unlock the car with a wire hanger, I was forced to call a locksmith.  Two seconds with a the locksmith and a slimjim and $40 dollars later (the homeless lady talked him down from $60), I had my keys back.

    Yeah, never doing that again.

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