fun times

well, sussy, ryan, jen and i are getting read to drive to california and will be spending all day saturday here:

i can’t wait!!

this one is my favorite – it’s called Deja Vu:  it terrifies me every time!

this one – the Superman – is crazy.  it shoots you straight forward and then UP REALLY fast.  i think you go from like 0 to 100 in under 7 seconds.  or something insane like that.  the last time i rode the Superman, i literally felt the air go UNDER my eyelids!

and i just found about that there is a new ride i haven’t been on yet! 

this one is awesome too:

and of course – the Batman:

it’s going to be GREAT!!!

someone told me today that they wouldn’t have thought me to be the “roller coaster” type.  well let me just set the record straight: i LOVE roller coasters!  love love LOVE them! 

so i’m pretty uber excited about this weekend.  road trip with friends – meeting up with friends – riding roller coasters all day – visiting a sister church – and of course, a couple hours at the beach…  woo-hoo!!!


4 thoughts on “fun times

  1. Last time I went there I rode Deja Vu five times. In a row. The last time in the very front with Tina Z. Don’t think I have ever recovered. Hope you had fun!!

  2. oh man! those look fun! weird thing is that we have a six flags in MD, and they have a batman and superman ride, but they are both different!
    Batman, is this unique ride where you are laying down, it’s kinda slow, but when you go inverted, it’s amazing! feels like you are flying.
    Superman, is one of the longest rides. I think it’s over a mile. And that one goes up super high, and then down, and does all these circles where you are almost sideways to the ground. It’s the closest you can come to riding a motorcycle with out getting on a bike (IMO).
    Hope you guys had a good time!

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