47 days…

in less than 2 months my mom and i leave for London!!! 

here’s the “Pre-Trip To-Do List”:

_X_ book flights
get passports
_X_ reserve hotel for first night (near airport)
transportation to Wales
_X_ housing in Wales
transportation to Oxford
_X_ housing in Oxford
transportation to London
_X_ housing in London
transportation to Paris

Things I’d
like to do/see:

_ visit the Christ
Church in Wales
_ the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens
the Tower of London
_ the London Eye
_ have afternoon tea at
the Orangery (per Mindy H’s recommendation)
_ a “Broadway”
show (thinking The Lion King)
_ British
museum (specifically the ancient Egypt exhibit)
_ go to
Westminster Abbey and Cathedral
_ St Paul’s Cathedral
_ Madame Toussaud
_ Blackwell’s bookstore in
_ the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford (where the Inklings
_ 106 The High Street, Oxford
_ Notre Dame Cathedral
the Eiffel Tower
_ the Louvre
_ walk along the Champes-Elysees
(dress up a little bit more for Paris)
_ eat at the café
near the paris opera house

Things I’d
like to come home with…

_ a collegiate
hoodie sweatshirt that says Oxford across the front – that I
actually purchased IN Oxford

_ “one of those little Eiffel
Tower paper weights…” (bonus points to anyone who can
name the movie I’m referencing)

some good chocolate from Harrod’s

_ a painting by an artist
along the Seine River

feel free to contribute any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, advice, etc!


5 thoughts on “47 days…

  1. “David did a Gap ad.” I came home with a Eiffel tower paper weight for the same reason!! My favorite thing in London was the Tower of London. And also Hampton Court Palace–where King Henry VIII lived. Really cool. I’m so excited you’re getting to go! Have so much fun!

  2. “She’s just jerking your chain…can I SAY that to a woman?”
    “Did the dry cleaner’s get your car?”
    “There was the indoor swimming pool and the outdoor swimming pool.”
    How was that? ;o)
    Girl, I’m so totally, completely jealous!!!! Take me with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  3. BOO Oxford (Sorry, Cambridge alum here )
    I’d HIGHLY recommend a boat tour on the seine at night. It’s awesome. And at the Louvre, unless you want to see rooms upon rooms of stuff from ancient Egypt, I recommend just seeing the Large Portrait Gallery. Oh and say “hi” to Lisa for me! Get crepe’s for breakfast and dessert in Paris.
    And for all your transportation, I recommend http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/.
    Most fairs w/in the UK are 10L each way (including tax).
    Hope you have an awesome time!

  4. Whilst in London, might I recommend the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, where the Prime Meridian is (unless you’re not a nerd like me).  You can get there by tube.
    Also, in Paris you should definitely see Montmartre (Pigalle stop on the metro), if you want to see an area that’s less like a big city.  However, it is a huge tourist trap, so be extra careful of pickpockets up there.  But this might be another place to consider getting a painting, as there are dozens of artists in the main square.
    In Paris, the best way to get around is by metro, and the cheapest way is to get a carnet (pron. “car-nay”), which is 10 tickets for less money than individual tickets would cost.  In case you hadn’t already heard.
    How exciting!  Enjoy it!

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