new attitude 2008 was fantastic!! i think it was my favorite new attitude – definitely the best one i’ve attended. here are some pictures from the weekend —

kierstyn and i on the plane ride out to louisville.  i loved spending the weekend with her – she is officially my little seester!

my 2 favorite ninjas – friends from covenant life church – david and casey somerville:

i got to hang out one night w/ the lovely lydia harnett!

i loves her!

one of my bestest friends, raigan:

aw, and i got to have coffee with this beautiful lady – lauren murphy:

erin tiren! my fellow redhead friend – and such a pretty one at that!

timarie, kierstyn and i on the flight home:

i’ll blog more about the spiritual side of the conference in a later post… šŸ™‚

2 days after arriving home, anna and drew got engaged! here are some shots from the engagement party:

waiting w/ sussy for the happy couple to arrive:

hangin’ w/ caden (caregroup leader’s little boy):

he’s just SO cute!

they finally arrived!

i wuvs her and i can’t wait for her to get married!!!


5 thoughts on “Na08

  1. Have to agree. Best New Attitude ever. Well, of the eight I’ve been too.
    Loved how cohesive it all was. Felt like I had so much more time to hang out with people too. But then again, we never got a chance to catch up …

  2. yes… saddness, we were off in a ballroom :-/
    no, you are right, you probably started in 2001 in Philly as a Senior (that was the one I went to as a senior).
    But, I also attended NA2k in Baltimore as a Junior (with the excuse of helping to record and duplicate the session audio)

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