king over ALL the universe

at church on sunday we sang the song “all because of Jesus“, which is a current favorite of mine. 

we came to the part that says “Maker of heaven and of earth / no one can comprehend Your worth / King over all the universe / to You be the glory” and i paused to ponder that last part – King over all the universe.

words that draw us to ponder the greatness and grandeur of our God are so helpful and encouraging.  He is King over ALL the universe!  that’s HUGE.  that’s way beyond my scope of comprehension.

and as amazing as that is, it was the ramifications of that concept that really struck me.  i almost chuckled to myself as i thought, you know… it’s often easier for me to sing/say ‘King over all the universe’ than to sing/say ‘King over this project that isn’t going as smoothly as i had hoped it would’… or ‘King over this disagreement i’m having with someone i love’… or ‘King over this disappointment i’m experiencing’… or ‘King over this unfulfilled desire’… or ‘King over this traffic delay that is slowing me down, or might make me late’… etc.

i was provoked to consider what i’m really singing when i sing “King over all the universe.”  that means He is King over all the details and goings-on every minute of every day in every city of every country in this universe.  this excites me and builds my faith – knowing that God is reigning over even the smallest facets of my life.  it also convicts me as i realize how often my actions don’t “sing” “King over all the universe” (and especially the “to You be the glory” that follows that line). 

i’m so grateful for pastors whose faithful teaching has taught me to engage more deeply with the words of the songs that we sing on Sundays, and not just to sing and enjoy them. 


3 thoughts on “king over ALL the universe

  1. I actually really really paid attention to the lyrics this Sunday, and it struck me that these are all truths that are true no matter what. Whether we are in good times or hard, He is King, Maker, Giver of everything – and everything that He gives is *good*.He’s not safe, but He’s good. No matter what. (good thoughts! Thanks for sharing – they sparked my memory from Sunday too.)

  2. That is something that God has convicted me of recently too, including directing my feelings/emotions to remember God’s character and His sovereignty.

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