Ellll Patho!

this past weekend i went to el paso for the wedding of joel barr and janel formerly-shaughnessy-now-barr.

anna drove to EP with me. we had a lovely time driving for 6 hours talking and listening to the playlist she created on my ipod. 🙂

along the way we saw several of these signs:
now, maybe it’s just me… but last i checked, there wasn’t much of a debate over the existence of dust storms… but hey, maybe people get a little delirious on the drive between phx and EP. i mean, it’s not THAT bad, but…

over the wknd i got to stay with the wonderful rodriguez family. they were an amazing host family with a lovely home and amazing hearts of hospitality. i was in EP for less than 48 hours and feel like i acquired another set of parents! 🙂

the wedding was lovely! my favorite part was their vows. after doing the traditional “i do” vows, they read personal vows. both of them were strong, biblical, sweet, affectionate, with a touch of humor.

at the reception, joel sang a song to his new bride – in classic joel fashion. it was a riot! i caught it on video using my digital camera:

funniest story from the weekend: 2 separate people, on 2 seperate days, somewhat randomly asked me, “do you sing?” the 2nd person who asked me was a lady i had met at the wedding reception only the night before. my answer? “technically.” which of course only produced furrowed eyebrows. so i explained, “i can carry a tune without sounding like a dying cat, but i haven’t had any vocal training.” ah. to which she replies, “well your voice just projects so well. i mean, i could hear you talking from across the room. so it made me wonder if you sang.” HAHAHA first of all, that’s just plain hilarious. but i had to laugh at her connection with a strong, projecting voice and singing. wow. i’m still chuckling…

on sunday i visited Vista New Life Church, where ricky alcantar preached a most excellent message that truly made me stand in greater awe of my Savior (who is not always what i expect, but is always far greater than i think!)!

after church i hit the road headed for phoenix, this time leaving Anna in EP with her fiancee and a surprise plane ticket home on tuesday night (surprise from drew, not me. ). 

along the drive i saw a bill board that said “abstinence is my choice.”  there was a website listed on the bottom but i didn’t quite catch what it was.  i thought i saw the words “wake up” but i don’t think that’s actually what it said, just what my brain thought it saw.  but it got me thinking about lame slogans for abstinence.  ones that probably wouldn’t go over so well…  like, “abstinence is my choice… wake up alone every morning.”  or “abstinence is my choice… don’t follow your heart.” or “abstinence is my choice… deny your passion.”  (obviously all those things are true and should be done for the sake of honoring and obeying God’s laws, but they struck me as funny if attempted as slogans to promote abstinence. 

oh and my left arm definitely has quite few more freckles (and is a couple shades darker) than my right, after being in the sun the whole way home.  it’s rather comical. 


2 thoughts on “Ellll Patho!

  1. I’d bet I know who asked you if you’re a singer, lol!
    Awesome to see you and have several brief chats with you last weekend!  Don’t be a stranger; you’re welcome down here any time you like!

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