more bbsitting stories

i just love kids.  across the board, i love kids.  just the sight of them makes me smile. 

so last night i was at the daukas’ again.  we’re telling bedtime stories and trevor says “i don’t like scary stories at bedtime. they really fweak me out!”

and have you noticed how kids are in this day and age compared to when “we” were kids?  for instance – when you take a picture of any young child now, the first words out of their mouth is typically something like, “can i see it?” because they are completely accustomed to the digital age and instant-everything. 

kids are also becoming completely acclimated to the Starbucks culture. 

last night in the bathtub, taylor filled a toy cup full to the brim with bubbles and then looked and me and said mock-seriously, “would you like to try my Bubble-Nut Latte?”


i love kids. 


5 thoughts on “more bbsitting stories

  1. I LOVE those kids too, when i was babysitting last week, I ask Trevor what he wants to be when he grows up and he says “I wanna be a hampster, just like daddy” hampster-pastor same diff right?
    Too funny!!!

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