current desktop

so this is my current desktop:


clockwise from top left corner:
– Together 05 conference; zach and i having our first “real” conversation (where we weren’t bantering or teasing)
– his current desktop picture
– taken yesterday at the office.  isn’t he so handsome?! i got to have “take your boyfriend to work day” 2 days in a row!
– roadtrip out to Magic Mountain back in april (see post here and here) with sussy, jen, and ryan.  zach and joel met up and went to MM with us. great trip!
– at Phx Rock Gym – where we went rock climbing on sunday afternoon.  talk about a BLAST!
– the tshirt he gave me right after i said yes to be in a courtship with him   funny story – i totally saw that shirt online 2 weeks ago and wanted to buy it so badly, but obviously i couldn’t because we weren’t together and i didn’t know if he would ever ask.  but he did.  and he brought the shirt with him.  and i wore it saturday night. and it was great. 

i promise a real post will be coming soon!  i’ve just been a little busy and distracted. 

::happy sigh::


3 thoughts on “current desktop

  1. what great pictures of you two and I love the shirt. Not really sure how Trev fits into that collage though but being that he’s my favorite little boy I think it’s great So happy for you!

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