new favorite date

saturday, June 14th is my favorite day so far. on saturday, June 14th, one of my closest friends asked to pursue me in a courtship. his name is zach boomsma. and i said yes!

for the last 2 years Zach and i have had a growing friendship full of laughing, talking, texting, teasing, praying, encouraging, admonishing and building. God has clearly orchestrated this friendship and given us grace to walk through some good times and rough times together. and now He has beautifully orchestrated this friendship to transition into a more purposeful (and super fun!!) season of courtship.

and i for one, could not be more thrilled! ok well maybe that’s not quite true, seeing as i how thought the same thing yesterday and somehow woke up this morning… more thrilled! my stomach does a little flip-flop every time i look at the picture of us that’s up in my cubicle at work. (see below)

he makes me smile and makes me blush. he makes me laugh and he makes me think. he makes me want to grow in humility and he makes me want to trust God more. he makes me want to read my Bible and serve my local church. he makes me want to honor my parents and encourage my friends. he makes me want to engage with my culture and he makes me want to share gospel hope with people who have none. he makes me want to try new things and be spontaneous. he makes me feel adventurous and makes me see things a little bit differently. i have always been so grateful for his friendship in my life, and now i am excited to see how God uses him in my life to better glorify Himself. because both of us are convinced that in this season we are able to glorify God better together than apart. and i’m already seeing the fruit of it.

God is so kind, my friends. and His timing is so much better and more perfect than anything i could have dreamed. the circumstances leading up to this courtship and everything that has happened since it’s inception have only caused me to stand in greater awe of our God.

for those of you who don’t know zach, here are some “stats” :
height: 6’4″
hair: brown
eyes: brown
hometown (and current residence): pasadena, california
church: Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena (his dad’s actually the sr pastor there)
job/career: he just graduated with a degree in aviation sciences and is currently preparing to begin training to be an Air Traffic Controller (you know, the guy up in The Tower who tells the pilots what to do )
blog: (def read his stuff – he’s a MUCH better writer than i am)

here are a few pictures from the weekend (and subsequent days) that he was in town.

sunday afternoon we went rock climbing at phx rock gym (where i totally outclimbed him! ok, so it was only on one climb, and he totally outclimbed me on every other one, but still!):

us just hanging out at my house:

us at the church office (it was “take your boyfriend to work day” twice for me last week! yay!! and yes, i did get SOME work done….):

this is what’s hanging from the rearview mirror in my car:

this is us in the car on the way to the airport (when he had to fly home last wednesday ):

so what’s next? i have no idea. we’re taking it one day at a time, just enjoying going from “really good friends” to “becoming best friends”. i don’t know what that looks like exactly. i don’t have any clear timelines. but Zach sets a wonderful example of trusting God for the future and trusting Him to make things clear in His perfect timing. God’s timing has been AWESOME thus far and neither of us have any doubt that that will cease anytime soon. we both are excited to explore what God has for us in the future!


7 thoughts on “new favorite date

  1. Great post Andrea.  We’re so excited to see God working in you two.  Thanks for the detailed post and for giving us all more of a inside view of your courtship.  This is how relationships are built.  God is always faithful!

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