UK here we come!

tonight my mom and i leave for london!!  well, technically we leave for new york.  here’s our itinerary for the next 10 days:
thursday, jun 26th – 10:15pm fly to new york, arrive around 5:30am EST
friday, june 27th – 8:30am fly to london, arrive around 8:30pm london time
saturday, june 28th – 9:15am bus to newport, wales where we are staying with someone from ChristChurch for 2 nights
sunday, june 29th – visit ChristChurch and hopefully see Cardiff Castle
monday, june 30th – bus to oxford; spend the day in oxford
tuesday, july 1st – finish up seeing oxford and then bus to london, check into our hotel and then hit up a few of the sites and do some exploring
wednesday, july 2nd – take the eurorail to paris for the day!  eiffel tower, louvre, notre dame, sienne river…
thursday, july 3rd – more stuff in london!  haven’t decided what all we’re seeing each day…  going to see the Lion King on the london broadway that night!
friday and saturday, july 4th and 5th – more london!
sunday, july 6th – 10:30am fly to nyc, arriving around 12:30pm EST; 5:55pm depart for phoenix, arriving around 9:30pm or something…
monday, july 7th – taking the day off to recover and unpack

this trip has been nearly 10 months in the works and we are very excited!! 

if you think of us, please pray for travel mercies, safety, and that plans would all go exactly as God wills.    we may not get to do everything and we definitely want to be open to changing things up and seizing opportunities as they come! 

it’s going to be an awesome trip and i can’t wait!

(in case you were wondering, no i will not get to talk on the phone or text with zach while i’m gone, which is quite sad.  but i am taking my laptop and will be posting updates as well as attempting to communicate with him and my dad during the trip.  because…yeah.  i’m still pretty thrilled about him and this courtship.  )


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