we made it!

we have arrived in london safe and sound.  besides things just taking a long time (5 hour flight, 6 hour flight, 1 hour wait to get thru passport control, 40 minute wait for hotel shuttle), things were uneventful – but fun!

there are some things i already TOTALLY remember about england.  like the lemonade.  they gave us lemonade on the plane and i remembered how GOOD british lemonade was.  weird, i know, but hey!  and cheese sandwiches.  i don’t really get those, but they eat them here and i remember that too. 

here are a couple pictures from the trip so far:

our plane from new york to london – please note the upper level.  it was HUGE!

mom and i on the plane:

the english breakfast they served on the flight – so fun!!

we’re taking a bus to newport, wales tomorrow!  not sure what internet will look like between sat and tuesday but i will try to update as often as i can!



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