london, we have arrived!

sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend.  we had sporadic internet saturday thru monday (staying at ppl’s houses, etc) but we are now at our hotel in london (wembley to be exact) and have consistent internet and power for my laptop – yay!

saturday we took a bus out to newport, wales and spent two nights with a lady from the SGM church there. she took us to cardiff castle and a traditional english pub on saturday.  sunday after church we visited St Fagan’s, which is an “outdoor” museum – the national museum of wales.  it was absolutely beautiful! 

monday morning we took another bus to oxford and spent most of the day wandering around oxford.  of course, i bought a university sweatshirt, which i’m very excited about.    climbed up Carfax Tower for an incredible view of the city.  met up with a friend’s aunt who is a professor at one of the colleges and she gave us a tour of several of the buildings.  they are so regal and gorgeous.  i can’t believe people actually get to go to school here!

this morning we took yet another bus to london and arrived safely at our hotel.  it’s nice to now be settled in one place for the next 5 days.   

here are a few pictures:

on the bus bound for Wales

outside Cardiff Castle

inside Cardiff Castle

the Roman Keep inside the castle grounds

a view of Cardiff Castle from one of the tower rooms in the keep:

a beautiful building on Cardiff Bay:

the pub where we had dinner: (L-R: karen, me, nicky, mom)


picnicking at St Fagan’s:

a lovely little church at St Fagan’s:

a window in the church that i thought was beautiful:

looking through a window in the church entryway:

and one of mom:

up above a welsh mountain range called Rhigos:

the menu at The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford (where CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien and the rest of the “Inklings” used to meet):

a view of Christ Church in Oxford from the top of Carfax tower:

aaaand xanga is being wierd and won’t let me upload any other pictures… or it’s just taking FOREVER. 

will try to post more later – cheers!


4 thoughts on “london, we have arrived!

  1. super cool!!! I went to St Fagan’s two years ago! Did you have a chance to walk through the large estate house (with the gardens and stream all around it)?great pictures of Cardiff castle!

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