the rest of London

sorry for not posting!  we got back to our hotel somewhat late each night and then i pretty much spent the rest of our evenings video-chatting with zach.  so posting took something of a back seat. 

but here’s what the last couple days have held —

mom and i toured the Tower of London!  wow.  what an amazing place!  so much history! 

the famous Traitor’s Gate:

near some tudor style housing within the walls (not used for housing anymore…):

(quick side note: you may notice the headset around my neck.  we paid $5 to get the audio tour for the Tower and it was the best $5 we spent!  we actually did audio tours at Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace as well and i would highly recommend them!  they are very informative and very easy!)

the white tower:

a yeoman guard (and no, i didn’t attempt to try and make him “crack.” )

mom and i in a cool archway along the tower wall:

mom took this kinda cool picture of me at dinner:

thursday night we went and saw The Lion King!  it was absolutely fantastic!  amazing costume and set designs!  they were breathtaking at times.  and all the music was live (obviously), but they also had 2 sets of congas, djembes and full drums set up in each of the box seats on either side of the stage so you could watch those instruments being played whenever they contributed to the african feel of play.  i truly can’t describe it here – ask me if you want to hear more!

friday morning we took a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – or rather, the reconstructed version of it.  the original theatre burned down the year shakespeare retired and they have rebuilt it in a slightly different location, but very accurate to the original.  we toured around the theatre and got to sit and watch part of a rehearsal for the show opening this weekend (not a shakespeare).  we couldn’t take any pictures inside the theatre so i ended up not taking any at all… sorry!

we spent the afternoon at Hampton Court Palace – the favorite residence of Henry VIII.  talk about a beautiful castle! 

from far away:

inside one of the courtyards:

a ceiling in one of the rooms (the round red things are the Tudor Rose (crest of the Tudor family)):

outside the palace there was a beautiful flower garden with brightly colored flowers lining the wall with benches:

mom and i sitting on one of the benches 🙂

after Hampton Court Palace we stopped in at Harrod’s, which is a very high end and HUGE store that sells everything from perfume to clothes to fine chocolate to furniture. 

Saturday (today)
this morning we went to Kensington Palace – where Princess Diana lived – and did a lovely tour of that.  then we had lunch at The Orangery, which is a fancy restaurant next to (kinda part of) Kensington.

the Orangery:

mom and i at lunch:

our table with our food (it was so pretty!):

after lunch we ran a few “errands” (exchanged our money back to US$, etc) and then headed over to St Paul’s Cathedral.  i completely didn’t pay attention to the time and we arrived about 5 minutes after the last admittance for tours.  bummer.    but we took a few pictures anyway!

the front:

still having time left in our day, we decided to go take the Tower Bridge tour.  This is London Tower Bridge:

this is a side view (you can see the wall of the Tower of London running along the right hand side of the picture):

the view from the walkway between the two tours was lovely!  

after the Tower Bridge we had dinner and headed back to the hotel.  i’m all packed and VERY ready to go home tomorrow.  we both are.  it’s been a fun trip, and we really packed it in, but now we are very relieved and excited to be going home.  

i’m a little nervous about turning my cell phone on when we land in new york.  i have no idea what my inbox and voicemail will look like after 10 days of complete non-use!  a slightly scary thought for someone who practically lives on her cell phone (as my friends all know)!  haha!  but i am completely willing to brave all and take the risk of turning my precious little phone on as soon as we land – because it means being back in communication with my man!  yay!

thanks for all your prayers and comments, friends!  hope to see you all very soon!

signing off from wembley, london, UK…


One thought on “the rest of London

  1. I love that everything is “lovely.” LOL :~)What did you get at the orangery? It looks so pretty… I mean, lovely!And that is a cool picture of you looking out the window, but I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “AAAGH! That red car’s about to smash into Andrea’s face!”I’ve been around boys too much.Which reminds me, Toby & CJ say hi.Actually, they say, “WHERE ARE YOU?????!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!”

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