home again

hi friends!  i’m back from another wonderful weekend in pasadena.  🙂  i can’t exactly say “ahhh, it’s so good to be home.”  i mean, it IS good to be home but it definitely gets harder and harder to be apart from zach.  we had a really great time together this weekend. 

friday night was spent having dinner and hanging out with his family, which is always a lot of fun.  we had dinner and then went to Old Town Pasadena (one of my favorite places!) for gelato (or “gheppetto” as zach kept calling it haha!).  that night we watched the final 2 installments of North and South.  we had started it last time i was out and i was very excited to finish it!  it was really good!

saturday morning zach took me to the Griffith Observatory – what a neat place!  i’m convinced that if a believer wants to grow in their understanding of the greatness of God, don’t read a book on the topic – just study astronomy and the galaxies.  🙂  my favorite part was the “Centered in the Universe” show we attended in the planetarium.  it was the coolest room with a HUGE domed roof that served as the entire “screen” for a projected film of sorts with an awesome narrator and really well done music.  very impressive and interesting.  zach and i had a great time.  i also totally forgot my camera, so there are no pictures from saturday.  sorry!

saturday evening we had dinner with ron and tami (zach’s parents) and walked around and had coffee at the B&N in “americana at brand” – a really neat place that reminded me a lot of kierland commons, for those of you familiar with scottsdale.  🙂

sunday morning was church and lunch afterwards and then in the afternoon we went and had a picnic of sorts at the Hollywood bowl before going in and seeing Les Mis the “concert” version – which was really just an abbreviated version of the actual show.  it was a lot of fun!  i DID manage to remember my camera for that event.  here are some pics:

us at the picnic tables:

the hollywood bowl:

me and my man:

and from the other direction 🙂 

(doesn’t he look great in glasses?  i really like him in glasses.)

the weekend was super fun and we had a really wonderful time together.  it was awful to have to leave, but he’ll be out in phoenix 2 weeks from thursday!  i can’t wait!!!


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