labor day weekend!

so i’m FINALLY getting around to posting about labor day weekend – sorry for the delay! 

well.  the weekend actually started the saturday prior.  some of you may remember this post from last summer.  well, i had another experience like that the saturday before labor day weekend when i not only learned how to use a hammer drill, but i drilled through cinder block and concrete and glued pvc pipe.  observe:

hammer drill through cinder block.  confession: i couldn’t get it all the way through, even using my foot.  dad had to lend a hand for the last bit.  

the hammer drill.  yeah.

drilling into the concrete (confession again – dad had to help me with this too.  i couldn’t get enough leverage to get the hole fully drilled, nor did i have the upper body strength.  but i sure tried!!)

gluing pvc pipe:

and why was i doing all this in 110 degree arizona august weather?

so that we could get THIS up and running again, in time for zach’s visit:

(please forgive the poor quality – cell phone pic.) 

jacuzzis work wonders for helping zach sleep better at night.  so, knowing this, and knowing that we HAVE a jacuzzi on our back porch, and knowing that it just needed to be hooked up again and the wiring re-layed, well… there you have my saturday!

what was zach’s response?  “are you REALLY my girlfriend?!”  haha

so yeah.  zach was in town from thursday midday til tuesday night – it was WONDERFUL to be able to be together for just over FIVE days!   

thursday we went to caregroup and then sat on my front porch for over an hour watching the rain and lightening and listening to the thunder.  it was amazing.  we actually put caregroup on hold for nearly 20 minutes and just went outside and looked at the sky.  monsoon season here in arizona is pretty glorious!

saturday we did some random stuff – ordered him a pair of glasses from a discount glasses place in scottsdale, had lunch with my grandparents up in phoenix, popped into a wedding open-house reception…

saturday evening zach and i met up with some friends to play goofy golf (putt-putt) and get ice cream at sonic afterwards.  it was such a fun evening.  we laughed a lot and had a great time hanging with friends.  here are a couple pictures from the evening:

sunday after church some of my dad’s brothers and families came over and we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.  we played an awesome game of stick-ball in the cul-de-sac:


we hung out and ate:

(timarie, victoria, me)

and played a very exciting game of dutch blitz/nertz!  (zach and i totally schooled everyone.  )

monday we set up the projector in my living room and jeff and ruth brought over their wii!

yes, yes, i know it looks rather precariously balanced up there, but it was actually quite stable!

josh and courtney came by too and we all played wii and hung out most of the afternoon.

monday night we had dinner with my parents at CPK. 

the weekend was absolutely wonderful and zach and i had a great time talking, doing lots of driving, listening to music (including the song he wrote and recorded for me!!!), hanging with family and friends, getting starbucks watching movies and just being together.  ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “labor day weekend!

  1. Oh my gosh, I don’t know anyone else who has ever heard of Dutch Blitz before!!! I grew up playing that ever since I was little… all my extended family would always play that whenever we got together. Wow, that brought back a lot of memories…. ANYways…Did you USE that hammer drill or STEAL it… that guy behind you looks pretty angry that you swiped his drill in that second picture… LOL!

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