el monte airport

many of you have asked me if zach has heard anything about placement/job offer/interview for Air Traffic Control.  well – he heard some news on friday!

friday morning he received an email from the faa letting him know that someone would be contacting him in a few days to set up his interview.  he then received another email a few hours later letting him know that there was an opening at el monte airport (which is very near to where he lives in pasadena)!  this is not exactly a definitive placement just yet.  there are still several more steps in the process.  here’s basically how it works:

he will communicate with someone from the faa and set up an interview.  in that interview, they make a “tentative” job offer (in his case, it will be for the opening at el monte).  then he will need to have a medical test, physical test, and psych eval done.  if/once he passes all those and the paperwork clears for all of them, he’ll go through academy – a 5 week training process located in oklahoma city.  after passing/graduating from academy, then the job offer is real and he can start working!  the reason the job offer is “tentative” is because of the tests and academy that have to be passed. 

but yeah – basically, southern california is the place!  zach and i are both really excited that things with the faa are progressing so quickly (this is all much quicker than he had even hoped) and that the first offer/location is so close to home and his local church!  what an amazing blessing!  i don’t know much about the airport specifically, but zach said it’s mostly private planes (as opposed to commerical) and a really great place to start out. 

so there’s the update!  like i said – zach and i are both so excited to see how things continue to unfold and how God continues to move and direct and provide. 


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