100 Skills Every Man Should Know

So my dad gets this magazine called Popular Mechanics.  This month’s issue had an “article” entitled “100 Skills Every Man Should Know”

i thought it was interesting…  ok guy friends of mine – what do you think?

1_tape drywall
2_grill with charcoal
3_split firewood
4_set up a ladder safely
5_take the perfect portrait
6_find potable water
7_build a fire in the wilderness
8_build a shelter
9_ditch your hard drive
10_ use a french knife
11_cast a line
12_wax a car
13_check trouble codes (on your car)
14_iron a shirt
15_paint a straight line
16_tie a bowtie
17_use a stick welder
18_read an electric meter
19_hang food in the wild
20_solder wire
21_use a circular saw
22_use a wood chisel
23_use a sandblaster
24_use a hacksaw
25_use a torque wrench
26_use feeler guages
27_use a spade bit
28_use an infrared thermometer
29_use a framing hammer
30_use a test light
31_use a grease gun
32_use a hand plane
33_use an air impact wrench
34_use a drill driver
35_use a socket wrench
36_use a multimeter
37_use a sledgehammer
38_use a brick trowel
39_use a coolant hydrometer
40_use a crosscut saw
41_move heavy stuff
42_change a diaper
43_drive in snow
44_remove bloodstains from fabric
45_put out a fire
46_fell a tree
47_ride a bike
48_conquer an off-road obstacle
50_install a graphics card
51_hitch up a trailer
52_sew a button
53_throw a spiral
54_know what to do in a: lightening storm
55_know what to do in a: flood
56_know what to do in a: tornado
57_know what to do in: extreme cold
58_know what to do in: extreme heat
59_make home brew beer
60_fix a faucet cartridge
61_replace a fan belt
62_lend a hand
63_mix concrete
64_run rapids in a canoe
65_drive a stick shift
66_escape a sinking car
67_shoot a home movie
68_replace a faucet washer
69_shoot straight
70_tie a necktie
71_grow food
72_handle a blowout
73_skipper a boat
74_fly a stunt kite
75_know how to make a drum-tight bed
76_know how to shine shoes
77_know how to drop and give the perfect push-up
78_carve a turkey
79_replace a broken windowpane
80_change a single-pole switch
81_sweat copper tubing
82_parallel park
83_escape a rip current
84_use a sewing machine
85_how to properly treat: a snakebite
86_how to properly treat: frostbite
87_how to properly treat: burns
88_how to properly treat: seizures
89_how to properly treat: ticks
90_change a tire
91_shovel the right way
92_fix a toilet-tank flapper
93_tackle steep drops on a mountain bike
94_how to reverse hypothermia
95_how to perform Heimlich
96_perform hands-only CPR
97_prune bushes and small trees
98_jumpstart a car
99_calibrate HDTV settings
100_fold the flag

(and just for the record – and because i like bragging about my awesome boyfriend – zach could do or has done 95 out of 100.  and no, i’m not telling you which ones he couldn’t/hasn’t done.  )


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